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Take the guesswork out of running and growing your small business by tracking budgets, schedules, hours, and invoices.

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Operations Management

For Small Businesses

Simple tools for architects, engineers, and designers to track project metrics and grow their business.


Set up detailed construction budgets to better understand typical costs for different trades and types of projects.


Create and download gantt-style schedules so that team members always know which phase the project is in and what's up next.


Always know how much of your fee is left to be paid and which reimbursables you still need to bill for.

Hours Tracking

Track your teams' hours to know when certain thresholds are hit or if you may need to shift staff for an upcoming deadline.


Once you start hiring, add employee profiles to track available hours, rates, and salaries.


Keep track of recurring expenses to estimate your monthly overhead and help set a baseline hourly rate.


Automatically generate monthly reports to track your projected revenue, expenses, and profit.


Quickly search your past projects to get average costs and durations by type and service.