Pricing Plans

Simple tiered pricing that scales with your business, no matter where you start.

Sole Proprietor

For when you've just left your full-time gig and are getting started on your own.

$50 /mo
Base Cost
Get started with Sole Proprietor

What's included

  • Manage projects
  • Profit projections
  • Track hours
  • One user account

Small Office

For when you begin to scale up your operations with additional employees.

$75 /mo
Base Cost
$10 /mo
Per Employee
Get started with Small Office

What's included

  • Everything in the Sole Proprietor plan
  • Employee accounts (max. 20)
  • Operations management for employees
  • Employee hour tracking

Large Office

Need more than 20 employee accounts? Send us an email to discuss bulk pricing options.

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Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out and ask us a question.

Who is Format Projects for?
We built Format Projects specifically for architects, engineers, and designers who operate project-based businesses in the fields of design and construction.
How does Format Projects compare to other project management platforms?
Format Projects allows you to track projects and the growth of your business at more of an operational level rather than a day-to-day task-based level. That said, it also offers tools, such as hours tracking, which can be used in your day-to-day workflow.
How many projects can I have?
Unlimited. Our plans do not limit how many projects you can have at any one time, so you don't have to worry about additional fees every time you start a new project.
How many users can I have?
If you have the Sole Proprietor plan, only one, but as soon as you start to hire employees, you can upgrade to the Small Office plan to add employee user accounts for an additional $12 /mo per user (up to a max of 20). This way, you only pay for additional users when you know your office is growing.
Which plan do I pick if I have need than 25 users?
We're working on additional billing plans for larger offices, but in the meantime, get in touch with us so we can discuss!
Once I create employee accounts, can I restrict what certain employees have access to?
Yes! When you upgrade to the Small Office plan, you gain the ability to create roles within your office, which you can use to assign restrictions to certain users. Don't want your summer interns to have access to project billing? Only want Principals to be able to create new projects? No problem.
Can I add users that aren't employees to my account?
At the moment, only employee user accounts are available, though we are planning to implement client and consultant accounts with their own dashboards in the near future.
Can I remove employee user accounts once they're create?
Absolutely. You will only ever be charged by the number of active employee user accounts you currently have set up for that month.
Who created Format Projects?
Format Projects was created by Format Architecture Office in Brooklyn, NY. We started our own architectural office several years ago and quickly realized we were guessing at many of the estimates we were putting into our new project proposals. We began developing Format Projects as a way to manage our projects and to help use the data we had obtained from completed projects to inform our operations.